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211 Emergency Services Are on Strike in France

While a large number of emergency services join the movement started in April, the Inter-Emergency calls 211 services currently on strike to meet in a national general assembly on September 10th.

The mobilisation of hospital workers does not decline – on the contrary, it increases significantly like the number of services on strike, which has almost doubled in a month. They were 119 on June 17th, they are today 211.

All these emergency services are mobilised today to demand a real improvement of the working conditions in order to carry out the emergency hospitalisation service. For this, they demand job creation, systematic replacement in case of sick leave or maternity, bed openings, and salary increases.

The combativeness of the strikers present in the various French hospitals is impressive, in full summer it is almost 100 additional emergency services that have entered the mobilisation despite the big holidays. The movement therefore moves forward and is structured from the bottom up, notably through nationally coordinated meetings and assemblies that allow the services to agree on the future of their action.

The Inter-Emergency collective, created at the beginning of the strike movement of the AP-HP (Public Assistance – Paris Hospitals), reflects the hospital’s determination and their desire for self-organisation. In their last statement, the group recalls the inadequacy of measures taken by Agnès Buzyn, Minister of Solidarity and Health, and reaffirms the importance of fighting for better working conditions that will allow better conditions of care.

Stressing the need for mobilisation, they called on all striking emergency services to meet on September 10th to decide on the next move. Concerning which a socially turbulent start of September has already been declared to the Macron government, which still refuses to hear the demands of workers.

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