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288 “Investigations” Into Police Violence Against the Yellow Vests, 0 Prosecutions So Far

In an interview with Libération, Brigitte Jullien, director of the Inspectorate General of the National Police, says that the “police of the police” has opened 288 investigations concerning the presumption of “police violence” since the beginning of the mobilisation of the “Yellow Vests”, which dates back to November 17th 2018.

“142 (of them) have already been returned to the prosecutor’s office. Added to this there is about 150 administrative inquiries that are or have been opened”

said the IGPN Director Brigitte Jullien

“One of the questions now is whether it is up to the IGPN to handle all court cases, substituting itself at the local level,” she added. “Certainly, we are a specialised apparatus, but concerning cases where the use of force if being contested, along with minor injuries, could we not imagine entrusting the investigation to conventional police judiciary brigades?”

The head of the IGPN also took the opportunity to challenge the expression “police violence”, which is not suitable for ongoing investigations, she said. “When one hears, for example in the media, that a judicial inquiry was opened for presumption of ‘police violence’, one is necessarily bothered because it is not legally correct,” she said. “In reality, the investigations are opened because of a presumption of the illegitimate use of force, because third parties, and they have every right, have complained to denounce what they considered to be a disproportion […]”

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