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A Yellow Vest Was Warned by Social Security for Managing a Facebook Page During Sick Leave

Dimitri Alleaume received a regulatory reminder from Social Security, which accuses him of administering a Facebook page during his sick leave. An approach that, in his opinion, resembles an “attempt to intimidate”.

Social Security is keeping a close eye on the Yellow Vests movement and the health insurance beneficiaries who take part in it. This is undoubtedly a legitimate precaution to prevent possible abuses, but it does not fail to challenge in some cases. Thus, Dimitri Alleaume, a Yellow Vest in Eure, had the unpleasant surprise of receiving a letter from the anti-fraud department, which sent him a reminder of the regulations.

His fault? Administering a Yellow Vest Facebook group while he was off work. The department, which reminds him that according to Article L323-6 of the Code of Social Security, he is obliged to “refrain from any unauthorised activity” during his work stoppage, considers indeed that he exercised “activities inconsistent with these obligations as an administrator of the Facebook group named ‘Blockade of March 27′”. “You managed this account, participated in demonstrations, and gave various interviews to different media,” said the Social Security in this letter dated July 25th, which RT France had access to.

“Yes I managed this account, I participated in demonstrations and gave interviews to different media. But I respected my hours of legal release, so I do not understand the purpose of this mail,” said Dimitri Alleaume to RT France. On November 15th to 24th 2018 for depression, then November 30th to January 5th after suffering a back problem in the course of his work, he claims to have respected the recommendations of his doctor, who not only had not issued any restrictions on exiting his home, but also encouraged him not to stay locked inside and to meet people.

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Above all, Dimitri Alleaume does not understand how the administration of his Facebook page is problematic: “This is absurd. We can manage a Facebook page from home. It does not take much physical capacity for that.” In his opinion, the fact that the Health Insurance put this point forward is not without political ulterior motives. “I think it’s a way of putting on pressure. It’s intimidation. It is to make you understand that you can have convictions, some political choices, but that from the moment you start to disturb, you are told ‘stay in your place, because we have ways of putting on pressure’,” he said. “I have the impression that there is a cabal against the Yellow Vests, while we are a pacifist movement, we arrived in the street because everything became more expensive and we were fed up,” he says.

The demarche is all the more challenging especially since Dimitri Alleaume did not administer this page under his own identity, but by using a pseudonym, which questions how the body managed to go trace him: “I realise that we are observed and monitored in our activities, as soon as we begin to have too much weight in this social conflict. Since the beginning of the movement, we have the impression that we are stuck, cataloged as people who cause trouble or whatever. It’s hallucinatory to be here today.”

From a legal point of view, Maître Villatte de Peufeilhoux, a lawyer at the Marseille Bar, wonders how administering a Facebook account would be incompatible with the fact of being off work and therefore likely to call into question the payment of daily compensation.

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“Under these conditions, it would mean that anyone who would end up on sick leave would no longer have the right to any activity. And there would be the question of how far a patient could still have a social life,” he told RT France.

Considerations that do not in any way affect the determination of Dimitri Alleaume to continue a fight that he considers to be legitimate. “To have all these sticks in the wheels reinforces even more our convictions and our desire to go to the end”, he exclaims, before concluding: “the fight will be hard, but it is not for that reason that I will stop.”

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  1. Benjamin Benjamin 11th August 2019

    …it should by now e clear to everyone that the US controlled so called social networks are used our dystopic governments to keep us in check… mate. This is besides the unspeakable physical and legal violence of said dystopian state against the people.

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