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Blinded Yellow Vest: None of the Five Questioned Policemen Admit to Having Wounded Him

Alexandre Frey lost an eye on the Champs-Élysées sector on December 8th, following a shot of LBD. From the five present police officers heard by the IGPN, none have admitted to having hurt him…

Alexandre Frey, a 37-year-old intermittently employed theatrical worker from Oise, was injured during a Yellow Vests demonstration on December 8th near the Champs-Elysees. In a very tense situation, he received a LBD shot in the face and lost one eye. Will he ever know who fired the shot? This is the doubt that persists, while an investigation has been opened for “willful violence committed by a person in charge of public authority that has led to mutilation or permanent disability”.

A restaurant owner saw the protester receive a projectile below the eye

As Le Parisien learnt, none of the CRS officers heard in the context of this investigation admitted to having injured him. The IGPN (police watchdog) has collected the fact sheets of the CRS charged at that time to protect the Arc de Triomphe, in an insurrectional climate. They fired that day 27 LBD shots, but none in the time slot indicated by Alexandre Frey in his complaint (between 13h30 and 14h).

But, as Le Parisien explains, the times noted by CRS are mostly fictitious, because of the very tense context of the maintenance of order that day. And a witness restaurateur confirms to have seen Alexander Frey advance towards the police, alone, giving them the middle finger, while behind him demonstrators threw projectiles towards CRS without reaching them. The restaurateur claims to have seen him receive a projectile below the eye.

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But of the five LBD users heard by the IGPN, none of them admit to having reached Frey. His lawyer, Yassine Bouzrou, is more than skeptical: “The sector is full of CCTV cameras. So either the investigators of the IGPN are incompetent, or they have been ordered to not identify the shooter,” he said.




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