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“Break the Mouth” of the Yellow Vests: An Investigation Was Opened in Connection with a Police Officer’s Post on Instagram

On the sidelines of the Yellow Vests demonstration in Paris on August 3rd, a police officer posted a story on Instagram, in which he said he wanted to “break the mouth” of Yellow Vest “morons”. An administrative inquiry was opened.

In a temporary video posted on Instagram, which the @PureTele Twitter account relayed, a policeman appears, filming himself with a phone and saying: “It starts to heat up there, these Yellow Vests idiots there; we’ll break their mouths.” Then the lens of the police officer’s mobile phone turns to what appears to be a Parisian street.

The Instagram account that posted this story has since been deleted, according to the CheckNews site of Liberation. The media also reports that the Paris police headquarters has confirmed that one of its officials, on the sidelines of the mobilisation of the Yellow Vests on August 3rd in Paris, had filmed and broadcasted this video on social networks.

The prefecture specified that its “content [was] unacceptable” and that an administrative investigation was opened on August 5th for “breaching the rules of the ethics of the police function”.

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