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Damage Caused to Macron’s Party Premises: Steve Is Dead, but They Mourn Their Premises

For more than a week, and especially after the vote on CETA, local “La République En Marche!” (LREM) deputies have been the target of several degradations during Yellow Vests events or during the actions of farmers. While the deputies of the parliamentary majority – and the Socialist Party – mourn their windows and cry “intolerable”, the red line of the “intolerable” continues to be crossed, with impunity, by the government, its parliament, and its police, as we still see with the death of Steve following the suppression of the music festival in Nantes.

Anger that reflects that of others

Articles are flourishing on this subject. For a little more than a week, a dozen local offices of LREM deputies who have been the target of various degradations – Haute-Saone, Jura, Creuse, Lot-et-Garonne, Pyrenees-Orientales, Gironde … In Foix, the premises was covered with tags – “ACAB”, “RIC”, “Fuck the system”. As for Perpignan, the deputy accuses Yellow Vests of having tried to set fire to his premises. Other deputies lament the fact that some farmers have put waste in front of their door.

A set of actions that has aroused a tribune of LREM deputies, recalling their “political responsibility: democratically organising living together and making possible the diversity and contradictions of reality instead of amplifying them”. A political responsibility and a concern for democracy that is so present at home that they have ratified, despite the massive rejection of the population, the free trade agreement with Canada, CETA, thus paving the way for new ecological, health, and social aberrations. Particularly furious against the ratification of this treaty, several farmers decided to target the permanent offices of LREM.

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But the problem is obviously not limited to CETA, and anger is far from being specific to farmers. At a time when the government is preparing the pension reform and has just dealt a new blow to unemployment insurance – which LREM deputies hastened to approve – after months of massive protests against these policies at the service of big business and against police violence, these actions of degradation express more than just the rejection of CETA. In the middle of the summer, when the government thought it had ended the Yellow Vests crisis, we can see that all the government’s manoeuvres, which take advantage of the summer period to make its shots in secret, do not work anymore. The tension remains palpable.

The intolerable is not what they denounce

Around 20 Brittany members of the LREM majority have signed a column relayed by France Info where they extol their ability to spare the goat and cabbage – the workers and the big boss – thanks to policies whose effects we have suffered too much, but are nevertheless worried about the future of their democratic system: “This savage-ification of words and the world can produce only the worst and yet some blow on these embers. Because they wish for the worst. Not us !”

In recent months, although anger has been expressed at very high levels, we have seen that the “worst” was far from being achieved, despite a government that has constantly put oil on the fire and to raise the stakes to silence the demonstrators; an escalation that was until the death of Zineb Redouane. Deputies may be agitated by the violence against their premises, it is today those responsible for Steve’s death that must be condemned. After a slow-motion investigation, false statements by the police, and an Interior Minister who denies the link “between the intervention of the police forces and the disappearance of Steve Maia Caniço”, it is this “worse” that we have to worry about.

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We are getting used to the intolerable the signatory deputies, outraged by what happened to their premises, had the nerve to declare. However, while they strive to make us cry over their fate, it is clear that their lamentations have less and less echo. And this is despite the manoeuvre that is designed to put the spotlight on them while all eyes should be on the forces of repression and the government now implicated in the death of Steve.

For the intolerable that the Yellow Vests, the youth, and the workers suffer daily, for the violence that the government is trying to get us used to in order to keep anger under control and to keep us to heel, for all these investigations into police killings that are stifled, for the death of Steve, for the hundreds of wounded he is responsible for, and for the memory of the victims of police violence – Adama, Zyeb and Bouna, it is the resignation of Castaner that we demand today!

Revolution Permanente, Iris Serant



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