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EU vs Russia

Two comments on facebook that summarise the situation between a supposed dictatorship (Russia) with a supposed democracy (France):

“The European Union reaches the summit of hypocrisy. The 1400 arrests in Moscow are considered to be ‘an attack on fundamental freedoms’ while the last 3,500 political arrests in France are considered to be democratic. As for our media (propaganda), 20,000 demonstrators in Russia is analysed as a movement of unprecedented magnitude, while 60,000 demonstrators in France are apprehended as a movement that is running out of steam … “

Facebook comment of Raph Liégois BI

“Russia – July 26th 2019: 12,000 protesters, 0 wounded, 1080 arrests – all released, no material damage, 2 pepper grenades thrown at the police = dictatorship.

France – 37 weeks of demonstration since November 2018:12 dead, 4220 injured, 9000 detentions, 2050 convictions, 400 incarcerations = democracy.

There is no logic in Western propaganda !!!

STOP THE LIES OF THE WEST. Russia is more democratic than France! Protesters in Russia are not like Yellow Vests – far from it! They are supporters of the Navalny traitor who wants Russia’s submission to NATO and the EU and who is financed by the US and studied in the US; basically he’s the Russian Guaido!”

Facebook comment by Anthony Lee

Christian Duchenne



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