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Flashback: A Poster of Hitler Was Found in the Premises of CRS in Perpignan

Please note that this story is from 2011, but it is especially relevant today taking into account the popular comparison of Macron’s police with the Vichy regime.

CGT has just filed a complaint after the discovery of a poster showing Hitler doing the Nazi salute in the premises of the Perpignan CRS, we learned Monday from the union.

The person who placarded this poster “took a simple warning, almost the same thing that a uniformed police officer who smokes in the street receives,” said the departmental secretary of CGT, Pierre Place, without specifying who had taken the initiative of such a display.

Contacted by telephone, the commander of CRS and its interregional management in Marseille declined to comment.

The prosecutor’s office in Perpignan said it decided to order a police investigation after receiving a complaint from CGT.

It was on January 17th that the alert was given about the presence of the poster in the premises of the infirmary of CRS 58, reported Pierre Place.

The infirmary is also a public place for young people to join the National Police, he said. “So the first image they will have of the National Police service is a photo of Hitler,” he said.

It is not known how long this poster of 42 x 59 cm, representing the Führer saluting with a broken arm, was on the wall for; a priori several weeks, according to Mr. Place.

If CGT, a minority union in the CRS, has mobilised until filing a complaint against X, it is because of the punishment – according to it, derisory – that was pronounced, while we are dealing with a public place, but also because of the current political climate, explained Place.

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“We play our role, especially in a period when many things are said about the entry of National Front into the union,” he said, while avoiding to establish a link between the author of the display and National Front.



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