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For Priscillia Ludosky, the Fight Continues

At the origin of the petition against the rise in the price of fuel, the Yellow Vest Priscillia Ludosky remains mobilised. The resident of Savigny-le-Temple still dreams of a more just world. Meet her.

On the screen of her PC is the platform of the real debate. Next to the keyboard is her cell phone plugged almost 24 hours day into Facebook. Her bedside book? Etienne Chouard’s “Writing the Constitution Ourselves”, which it prefaced. The breaks ? – “What?” Priscillia Ludosky does not know. In her modest apartment there is no poster of Che Guevara or of May ’68. The young woman is not a revolutionary. Just an ordinary citizen who does not feel listened to.

A citizen’s lobby

This Yellow Vest at the origin of the petition against the rise in the price of fuel is certainly more discreet in the media. This does not mean that the Savigny-le-Temple resident has dropped the fight. Even if this regular of the Champs-Elysees still decided to take a break from ground actions. “I try to take more time for myself, for my family,” she says, her face lit by the artificial light of her computer.

“It had become unbearable. My job, my personal life, I put everything in parentheses.”

Her features are a little fatigued but her smile does not miss pep. This Tuesday, July 16th, Priscillia Ludosky – wearing a t-shirt with the inscription “Life is not boring with a crazy mind” has her nose in the paperwork.

We are working on a national structure to create a citizen’s lobby

So, she still has to prepare for the videoconference tonight. “Until June, I wandered around across the country a lot. I met lots of people who have been fighting for years but no one has listened to them so far”.

For many, the Yellow Vest movement has sparked renewed hope that should not be disappointed.

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“It may seem like the movement is suffocating. On the contrary, more and more people are supporting us,” she continues.

From the young couple who are worried about the future of their children, to retirees, to students and the intermittent theatrical worker.

“Even some French living in comfort, because they witness too much injustice. The panel of profiles has expanded”. Yet, it seems that the Yellow Vests are becoming scarce on the roundabouts. “Many have been injured,” grumbles Priscillia Ludosky, who denounces repression on all floors.

A warning discussion at work, sabotaged meters, slashed car wheels, intimidation attempts by some members of the police, etc. The protesters were targets of more or less dissuasive threats that would have led many to stop.

“Change the constitution”

The Savigny-le-Temple resident chose to continue the movement. “I continue to inform people about my petition which, a year later, has collected 1.2 million signatures.”

What motivates her? It is to manage to bend the president.

“Beyond the issues of purchasing power, what I would like to add in the Constitution is to give citizens the opportunity to bring subjects to the government.”

However, the report of Priscillia Ludosky is not bright. “It’s more and more catastrophic. The public service is in agony. The strike movements are increasing: in the hospital, at the post office, firefighters, even the roads will go.” And if she had the chance to do it again? “I do it again, 300%”.

In the meantime, the Yellow Vest will still give herself a little vacation, in the South, just to recharge her batteries, but still dreaming of a better world and, especially, keeping an eye – if not two – on her cell phone …

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