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Fouquet’s Restaurant in Paris: Macron’s False Flag Against the Yellow Vests

Last updated on 31st July 2019

One may have heard in the last 24 hours that the “evil” Yellow Vests set fire to Fouquet’s restaurant on the Champs-Élysées avenue in Paris during March 16th’s protest. Of course, western media – both printed and digital – has tried its best to reduce the protest down to this one incident in an attempt to further mobilise the bourgeoise voters of Macron against the Yellow Vests. For example, here is one example from “Radio France Internationale”, a state-owned propagandist:

Here we can see that the agency actually admits the whole purpose of inflating this event to cosmic proportions – to provoke an emotional reaction from Macron’s liberal electorate. Does an elite restaurant represent what France is? If yes, then the mobilisation of the Yellow Vests becomes even more understandable. And the British media is no different in terms of disseminating pro-Macron propaganda:

However, within a few hours of the event happening video footage started to emerge showing the riot police’s tear gas being fired firstly on top of the roof of the cafe and then afterwards on the floor underneath it.

So can we expect a mass of corrections in the Western media? Can we expect condemnation of the French riot police (CRS) for targeting this “precious” restaurant, which, by the way, most French people can’t afford to dine in? Should we expect a public apology to the Yellow Vests?

Non. Instead, the western media prefers to ignore the CAUSES of the protests and focuses on the manifestations of societal anger, all the while pretending that Macron and his globalist clique are not violent – both physically and psychologically – against the French people. Not to mention the act of dropping bombs on sovereign countries without a UN mandate.

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