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French TV Recycled Old Footage in Order to Make Macron Seem Popular

Last updated on 28th July 2019

In a program dedicated to the arrival of Emmanuel Macron in Le Touquet on April 21st 2019 a news channel broadcasted images showing Emmanuel Macron shaking hands … alongside Alexandre Benalla – a scene from the beginning of his term.

“Even in sportswear and on vacation, he lends himself to the game of photos,” begins the voice in a program diffused by “CNews” (which has since been deleted from the YouTube account of the channel), devoted to the arrival of Emmanuel Macron in Le Touquet, in Pas-de-Calais. In the images accompanying the commentary, presented with the date April 21st 2019, there are photographs and handshakes. But the video used in the beginning of the report actually dates from 2018, as was spotted, among others, by the journalist and activist Juan Branco.

In the images of this “crowd bath” filmed at the beginning of the mandate of the President of the Republic, one can indeed see a certain … Alexandre Benalla. Someone that has been a flea in his ear, the head of state has since distanced himself from his former task officer.

The scene, in which we see the president with a sports bag on his back, shaking hands with some onlookers, was in fact filmed on March 31st 2018, during a previous visit of Emmanuel Macron to Le Touquet. It was then broadcasted… by CNews.

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On April 21st 2019 the French leader, who came to spend the Easter weekend in Pas-de-Calais on this new day of mobilisation of Yellow Vests, did a lot of handshakes, but in more conventional clothes. This sequence is particularly visible at the end of the program broadcasted by “CNews”.

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