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Geneviève Legay: Open Letter to a Law Enforcement Still Worthy of Its Functions – React!

If I am speaking to you, the police, it is not to lecture you, but to tell you to what extent the police’s policies have been doing you a disservice for some time.

The population of the ordinary people, the people of nothing, despised by the authorities, had respect for you and believed in your duty to protect.

This is no longer the case. Violence, police blunders, lies, and manipulations turn against you and what you should represent.

Many of your exhausted comrades choose suicide to escape the unacceptable. The “work” you are asked to do is intolerable and unacceptable to me and to many others! This gives me a lot of grief.

My grandfather was a police officer, he taught me the respect of the police who protect us.

And, as I have already done at press conferences, especially on April 29th, when a TV channel wanted me to “sink” you, I want to highlight the reality of the discomfort expressed by many of you and point out the suicides that decimate your ranks.

How can Place Beauvau and the President not ask themselves the question of why these desperate situations exist?

If I fight today alongside the Yellow Vests and other movements, it is to build another world that I think is possible: more humane, more just, for the dignity of all, in the hope of a better life. Including for you, underpaid officials., Doing many hours often not remunerated. You are on the brink of exhaustion and some don’t at all show discernment in relation to the orders received. Orders that you still have the option to refuse.

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I am especially speaking to those who feel tarnished by violence, blunders, and police lies, including from their superiors, like with the refusal of the IGPN to carry out real investigations allowing prosecution.

The result: you are all amalgamated with these revolting practices, rightly!

We should be together, respect each other.

How to accept that this government throws us one against each other, you face the people?

For all this to stop, the suffering and the violence engendered by an inhuman, caste policy, I appeal to your sense of honour and responsibilities; do not let an honorable craft become pitiful.


Geneviève Legay



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