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Jean-Marie Bigard Called for a “New Revolution” with the Yellow Vests

On July 31st Jean-Marie Bigard called on RMC for a “new revolution” to end “privileges”. He greeted the Yellow Vests, the only “opposition force” in the country according to him.

Since the beginning of the Yellow Vests movement, opponents of the government have been able to count on the support of personalities, although many of them have gradually dissociated themselves from the movement. Jean-Marie Bigard is a supporter from the first hour and never did a U-turn. Invited on to RMC on the show Grandes Gueules, the comedian reaffirmed his support for the protesters, and called on “the people” to redo “a revolution” in order to abolish “privileges”.

“The people are roaring and I roar with the people, we are people who have abolished privileges, these privileges have come back but multiplied by ten 400 years later, we must start again, we must redo a revolution”

explained Jean-Marie Bigard

And he continued: “And the Yellow Vests are the only opposition force, it is the people who growl, the rulers do not hear it and they are wrong because one day we will tell them that this is not a revolt, it’s a revolution.”

Regarding the government’s response to the Yellow Vests crisis, the humorist is particularly skeptical, even disappointed. “It’s not by throwing three crumbs of bread on the floor that things will get better, there are 9 million people who really are in the shit, and not from the 15th of the month, but from the 2nd!” he underlined.

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The comedian said he would support the movement’s opposition to the government’s policies “to the death”. This is not the first time he has taken a position in the media to support the Yellow Vests.

Last February, he spoke to defend them in the show “Touche pas à mon poste” on C8. “I want the Yellow Vests to become a world revolution, let’s get the real revolutionaries from all over the world,” he said at the time.



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