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Macron’s Human Rights Violations: Street Medic Activity Log for March 16th in Paris

Last updated on 28th July 2019

The following list was created by the “Premier Secours Jaune Officiel” street medic group that was present on March 16th in Paris during the Yellow Vests Act 18 protest and serves as their log of activity for the day. It must be stressed that there were other street medic groups present on that day; according to the group “Coordination Premiers Secours France”, in total there were 289 victims on the 16th in Paris – 62 incidents involving a flash ball (7 resulted in head wounds), 42 flashbangs (11 resulted in head wounds), and 18 GLI-F4 grenades (1 resulted in a head wound). But the Macron regime and its puppet media only sees violence against banks and luxury restaurants, and finds that the police response was not strong enough!

  • Woman, 50, difficulties breathing, asthmatic, call received from law enforcement.
  • Woman, 30, avenue des Champs-Élysées, indeterminate projectile, patella.
  • Decontaminant all day long, over 100 treatments.
  • Medic, GLI-F4 grenade to the leg.
  • Man, 25, breathing difficulties plus anguish. Extracted to the perimeter and left in the hands of friends after returning to normal (breathing and anguish).
  • Man, 20, Champs-Elysées, index finger burn. Bandaged then left alone (modified).
  • Woman, 22, flash ball, external knee. Fixed point on Avenue Kléber: CS gas spray, decontaminate, 30x serum phy :40x.
  • Man, 35, respiratory distress, vomiting.
  • Man, 28, GLI-F4 burn from kicking grenade.
  • Man, 24, flash ball extracted from foot, can’t put weight on foot, cold pack attached / evacuation / put aside.
  • Man, 44, GLI-F4 detonator explosion after being kicked, 4cm diameter open wound.
  • Medic, pavement thrown by CRS (a return throw).
  • Medic deafened by flashbang, multiple projectiles: tear gas canister, flashbang, etc.
  • Medic, contusion on leg, cause – debris, average severity.
  • Medic, flash ball to thigh, average bruise.
  • Man, 50, baton, haemorrhaging, scalp wound.
  • Woman, 30, flash ball to upper right abdomen plus vagal discomfort.
  • Man, 25, flashbang, 2cm haemorrhaging knee wound, multiple burns to calf and ankle.
  • Woman, 35, following jostling, ankle contusion, probable sprain.
  • Woman, 35, consequence of flashbang, superficial burn.
  • Man, 40, baton, head wound, recovery via first said because of bleeding.
  • Man, 35, GLI-F4 grenade consequence, multiple injuries and leg burn.
  • Woman, 30, baton to head, scalp wound, small haemorrhage.
  • Woman, 50+, distress from respiring CS gas.
  • Man, 25, respiratory distress, vomiting, reassured/accompanied.
  • Man, 52, flash ball, lump on forehead plus 2cm open wound behind the head, evacuated by firemen.
  • Man, 50, grenade, 2.5cm forehead wound, evacuated by firemen.
  • Woman, 30’s, flash ball to the thigh, cold pack.
  • Man, 30’s, grenade to lower belly, cold pack.
  • Man, 30’s, grenade impact, 3cm hole on upper thigh, muscle visible, bandage.
  • Man, 30’s, impact to shin 2 cuts of 2cm.
  • Man, 20’s, grenade to ankle, cold pack, evacuated with citizen rescue.
  • Man, 30’s, flash ball to head behind the ear, treatment and cold pack.
  • Man, 30’s, 2cm wound behind the head, treatment.
  • Man, 40, flash ball in thigh, treatment plus bandage.
  • Man, 30, grenade detonation to the shin, treatment plus bandage.
  • Woman, 30, sprained ankle from a flash ball.
  • Woman, 40’s, foot burn caused by flashbang.
  • Man, 20, respiratory distress cause by asthma, respiratory assistance without Ventolin.
  • Woman, 20’s, respiratory distress, evacuated behind CRS cordon.
  • Medic, 30’s, 2 flash ball shots to the arm and thigh.
  • Woman, under 20, glass shard in eye.
  • Man, 25/30, in his personal car, vomiting and nosebleeds with shaking.
  • Man, 25/30, multiple injuries due to a GLI-F4 explosion on right foot, partially shredded and burned toes visible, left foot impact of 2cm with object inside.
  • Man, 30/40, multiple injuries to the thigh and feet.
  • Woman, 50, state of shock.
  • Man, under 25, state of shock.
  • Gas poisoning with tachycardia and/or loss of consciousness and/or state of shock for several people all together (man, woman, law enforcement, firefighters …)
  • Man, grenade detonation to right ankle and shredded skin on left calf.
  • Woman, bleeding scalp wound, sore head, cranial trauma.
  • Young woman, baton to right knee, lower back pain due to a fall.
  • Police officer, pavement to the head, treatment given, taken care of by his colleagues.
  • Woman, flash ball to right calf and left thigh.
  • Man, 50, head wound.
  • Young woman, 20/25, wound to the head.
  • Man, 20, burnt fingers.
  • Young man, burnt hand.
  • Woman, 48, rue Galilée avenue des Champs Elysée, open wound, flashbang, exfiltrated by firefighter.
  • Woman, 40, respiratory problems due to tear gas.
  • Man, 45, (Press) penetrating wound of 2cm to abdomen, flashbang grenade, firefighter exfiltration.
  • Man, 35, flash ball to groin, big haematoma.
  • Man, 35/40, penetrating wound, right buttock, flashbang.
  • Man, 40, wound to the head, projectile.
  • Female, 39, asthma attack, tear gas.
  • Woman, 67, anxiety attack.
  • Woman, 28, clubbed, haematoma on the back of the thigh.
  • Man, 25, several sores on the ankle, flashbang.
  • Man, 30 (Press), neck pain.
  • Man, 40, sore mouth, flash ball.
  • Man, 30/35, sores on the feet, flashbang.
  • Man, 20, flashbang grenade detonation to the foot, ankle, calf.
  • Man, 45, wounds on head, projectile.
  • Young man, flashbang, foot sores.
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