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Mass Manipulation: The BFMTV Channel Was Warned for Spreading False Information

The television channel BFMTV has been put on notice by the CSA for having spread false information.

The BFMTV channel has been pinned for spreading false information. In any case, this is what L’Observateur has taught us. Indeed, according to L’Observateur, France’s first television channel has been put on notice by the Conseil Superieur de l’Audiovisuel (CSA) for broadcasting false information during the Trèbes attacks on March 23rd 2018.

In the press it is explained that a formal notice given to BFMTV by the CSA is justified by the fact that the channel transmitted on a loop for several hours erroneous information about the perpetrator of crime. Indeed, according to BFMTV, the terrorist had been naturalised as French in 2015.

Which is entirely false. He obtained French nationality in 2004. The false information was recognised by the channel a few days after the attack in which Arnaud Beltrame had lost his life. Explaining its decision, the CSA criticises BFMTV for “a lack of rigour and vigilance despite the awareness of this information in context”.

“BFMTV, a channel whose credibility is increasingly challenged”

The channel will not be sanctioned because according to the CSA the incident has an “isolated character” and BFMTV apologised and corrected its error. However, the Conseil Superieur de l’Audiovisuel regrets that the rectification was not made on the air. This notice may comfort many French people who think very badly of BFMTV.

Indeed, since the election of Macron in 2017, the first TV channel in France is perceived by many French people as an instrument at the orders of the government. The recent appointment of Marc-Olivier Fogiel, a close associate of Macron, at the head of the channel and his attempt to recruit very famous figures of the Yellow Vests movement and the opposition (Ingrid Levavasseur, Sophia Chikirou) tarnish his image and put in question his credibility. It is not for nothing that the reporters of the channel have been targeted by angry Yellow Vests.

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