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One of Macron’s Allies Insulted a Journalist Who Exposed His Lobbyist Past

Mickaël Nogal, a freshly elected deputy of “La République en Marche” in Haute-Garonne, implicitly insulted a journalist from “France 3” after the publication of an article criticising his appointment to a commission of the National Assembly.

A former lobbyist from Orangina, who became a member of “La République en Marche” and then vice-president of the Economic Affairs Committee of the National Assembly?

It is on this surprising journey that a journalist from “France 3” Haute-Garonne looked into in an article on the political blog of the local media. And that did not please the person concerned, Mickaël Nogal.

“Orangina has every reason to appear on the radar screen of the Economic Affairs of the Assembly. Texts may concern the multi-national group,” writes the journalist in his article, before continuing: “Mickaël Nogal will probably meet his former colleagues in his new premises.”

Words that outraged the new member, who was quick to alert his family and activists about this case. But the message quickly leaked. Inside, he designates the journalist by an emoticon representing a turd.

Another journalist from “France 3” spoke up to denounce this scatological diatribe.

“He would have without doubt preferred that the political blog publish in full the pretty press release – ‘ready for insertion’ – that he sent to the newsrooms after his appointment: title, intro, paragraphs, captions, photos … Everything was ready, it was enough to copy/ paste,” suggested the author of the response to the member.

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This episode is the latest in a long series between members of “La République en Marche” and the press. In the “insult” category of the anthology of infringements on the freedom of the press initiated by the president and his entourage, a precedent had touched the presenter Yann Barthès, described as a “big asshole” by Sylvain Fort, director of the communication of the Elysee.

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