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Pro-Macron TV Personality Johnny Blanc Compared Steve’s Death to a “Squashed Dog”

A government supporter accustomed to controversy and one of “Grand Gueules” [the name of a TV program on RMC – ed] chroniclers scandalously compared the death of Steve to a case of a “squashed dog”.

This is the shameful controversy of the day, on the set of the show “Grandes Gueules”, one of the most reactionary columnists, Johnny Blanc, compared the controversy over the death of Steve with that which concerns a “squashed dog” on the road.

He is known on the show, for more than 10 years, to be a patron of the cheese dairy company Blanc in Deux-Sevres, as well as a loyal supporter of the current government and the established order. The reactionary entrepreneur once again showed his contempt for a new episode of police violence that led to the death of a young man.

It will not take long for Internet users to spread the moment when Johnny Blanc compares Steve’s death with that of a dog squashed on the road. The shameful comments made by this character were quickly removed from the official Twitter account of “Grandes Gueules” and cut by the production staff editing the rebroadcast of the show.

According to fellow pro-Macron propagandist Olivier Truchot, the enterprise of Blanc was graffitied as a result of what he said on TV.

“Total support to our Grand Gueule Johnny Blanc. His enterprise was cowardly tagged. He receives hundreds of messages of insults and threats. Whatever the haters may say, in our country everyone is free to think as he or she sees fit, to affirm opinions and to express them!”

The enterprise manager whined that his email box is saturated following these remarks.



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