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“Prosecute Macron for Treason!”: Protestor Gatecrashed the Speech of the French Prime Minister

Last updated on 28th July 2019

On April 8th at the Grand Palais in Paris, while presenting the conclusions of the so-called “grand debate”, which was a presidential initiative designed by Macron to suffocate the Yellow Vests, the head of the French government Edouard Philippe was interrupted by a member of the public.

Declaring a 6th Republic, he was escorted out of the room. The Prime Minister thanked the “mayors of France, without who the great debate would have been great only in name”.

“I would therefore like to thank all those who have chosen to ensure that meetings take place in an orderly and attentive manner,” said the Prime Minister, who also said during his speech that the French did not want “direct democracy and permanent media”.

Mr. Macron must be prosecuted for high treason”



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