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Report: Yellow Vests Act 38

(Main photo: © JEAN-FRANCOIS MONIER – Source: AFP)

Calls for a rally emerged on social networks in memory of Steve, who fell into the Loire on the night of a Music Festival. In Nantes, a ban on demonstrations was declared for a large part of the city center on August 3rd.

In the late morning, the rally started to take shape in Nantes. “A moment of recollection in Nantes in memory of Steve Maia Caniço,” described the journalist of RT France present on site, a little before noon.

In the north-west of Paris, as is shown in the images of the journalist Charles Baudry, a stele was erected, “with some candles and signs in tribute of Steve Maia Caniço” in the square of Clichy, where yellow vests gathered on the occasion of act 38 of the mobilisation (more about the Paris demo can be found here).

The procession of the demonstration in Nantes started its journey in the city center with the slogans “Everyone hates the police” or “the motherf*cker Macron” as the crowd advanced towards the Cours des 50 Otages. “Law enforcement, for our safety, please leave the perimeter” can be read on several banners brandished in the procession.

While the procession arrived at the Pays de la Loire Regional Prefecture, the tension mounted a notch and the police used tear gas and fired water at the crowd.

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Present in the procession in Paris on the occasion of Act 38 of Yellow Vests, our reporter Kyrill Kotikov advanced down Chateaudun Street, in the 9th arrondissement of the capital. He described “palpable tension in the procession, without clashes”.

Using pictures in support, RT’s reporter estimated that the Paris demonstration brought together a few thousand participants.

In the city center of Nantes, the atmosphere was tense after the passage of the procession near the prefecture. The police used tear gas and demonstrators set up makeshift barricades with street furniture.

A helicopter flew over the scene while the demonstrators amassed street furniture around Place du Maréchal-Foch.

A fire was declared on Cours Saint-Pierre.

Some use signs as a shield.

In the early afternoon, the police announced the presence of 1,700 participants in the procession of Nantes, claiming to have made 33 preventive arrests.

“Scuffles took place first in front of the prefecture where demonstrators […] started throwing projectiles. In response, the police gassed very quickly,” said the reporter of RT Thomas Bonnet.

While law enforcement struggled to disperse the procession of demonstrators, several fires were seen in the city center of Nantes, including a roundabout located at the intersection of Gaston Veil Road and Jean Philippot Boulevard.

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The clashes continued into the beginning of the afternoon in the city center of Nantes.

Equipped with a mirror on which is written “Who mutilates and kills with impunity?”, a protester stood in front the police to try to achieve a reflection.

Citizens paid homage to the young Steve Maia Caniço also in Toulouse, one of the historic bastions of urban Yellow Vests, on the occasion of Act 38 of the mobilisation.

At the end of the afternoon in Nantes, the prefecture announced that the police made 34 arrests “for acts of violence or transport of objects destined as weapons”.

On Twitter, the prefect of Pays de la Loire and Loire-Atlantique said that individuals “from abroad” had slipped into the courtyard in order to “have a fight with law enforcement.”

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