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The Death of Steve Caniço: The Lawyer of the Father of Rémi Fraisse Denounces “Two State Crimes”

For the lawyer Arié Halimi, the similarities are glaring between the death of Rémi Fraisse in 2014 in Sivens and that of Steve Maia Caniço on the evening of the Music Festival 2019 in Nantes.

The lawyer of the father of Rémi Fraisse, this young man killed in 2014 in Sivens in the Tarn by an offensive police grenade throw at the site of the dam project, this Thursday, at the microphone of France Bleu Occitanie, drew a parallel between this and the case of Steve Maia Caniço, who died in Nantes on the evening of the Music Festival.

According to the lawyer Arié Halimi, there are “significant similarities” in these two cases, since according to him, these two young men “probably died because of the action of the State”.

First and foremost, these are state crimes in my opinion. Two young men who probably died because of state action.

“There are also similarities in the government’s communication,” develops the lawyer. “For Rémi, we had, at first, talked about a body or a corpse found in the forest. It was tried to pin on him a lot of things: possession of drugs, explosives in his bag, all of that was obviously wrong, in the same way, we try, with the investigation of the IGPN on the death of Steve, to clear the police.”

Arié Halimi also points out that, according to him, the state has taken “the habit of clearing the police in the case of police violence”. This “lack of control” can lead to “either injury, mutilation, or death”. The lawyer is not surprised by this case Steve Caniço: “Since always, it is said with the family of Remi that there will be other cases”.

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