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The Incredible Violence of Emmanuel Macron’s Politics

Or the story of a castaway organised gang …

Economic violence

The excellent and unclassifiable Emmanuel Todd once had a sentence that sounds like a hammer: “Let me show you why Macron, unlike Mussolini, is not a fascist. It’s because Mussolini had an economic program!”

And, it is clear that the economic “program” of Macron is actually not his … because it follows the Broad Economic Policy Guidelines issued by the European Union to the letter. We will demonstrate it in a very simple and factual way.

These BEPGs are issued by the EU Council. What is funny is that if we go to the website of this institution, which claims to have only “power of recommendation”, its real power lies in the fact that these recommendations are of a legal nature. More clearly, following the adoption of the Maastricht Treaty in 1994, each member state has no choice but to comply with these recommendations. Because, if it does not, a well-known mechanism will be put in place: fines as a percentage of GDP, being squeezed by the “markets”, even control by a Troika, as in Greece or Cyprus … the examples are numerous and perfectly documented.

To avoid this, most puppets who have been elected by “democratic” suffrage, at the head of the European states, have no choice but to apply to the letter these recommendations from an extra-territorial entity, working exclusively for the well-being of financial flows, oligarchs, and multinationals. It is a question of their political survival, but also of those of their country.

As Jean-Claude Drunker said so well, “there can be no democratic choice against the European treaties”.

Two examples:

In the 2017 BEPGs, the following “recommendations” were noted:

“The commission recommends that France focus, in 2017 and 2018:

  • On achieving significant savings in the short term by slowing down social security spending”. Done – PLFSS 2017: minus 2.7 billion in 2017. In 2018: increase of various taxes – Tobacco, sodas, CSG + 1.7% . Increasing the daily hospital fee from €18 to €20. Not to mention the benefit reductions: postponement of the indexation of pensions and minimum age, decline in APL …
  • Since pension systems are in deficit in the short to medium term, an ambitious goal is needed: limiting health spending and achieving efficiency gains in the medium to long term. Ongoing-Pension Reforms of 2019 (see below);
  • Take measures to reduce the cost of labour and improve the profit margins of companies (..). Done (maintenance and increase of CICE, Flat Tax)
  • The characteristics of the unemployment insurance system (…) are likely to discourage a return to employment. Done (Reform Pole Employment, see below)
  • “A number of barriers to entry and regulations, as well as tariffs, restrict the economic activity of regulated professions (…)” Done (CETA vote, Exit Tax).

We note here that these recommendations were sometimes followed on time, sometimes not immediately … This is explained by the fact that France, the second largest country in the euro zone, can still cry occasionally in Brussels and Berlin and ask for a little more time to implement the EU’s austerity measures for banks and finance, given its “budgetary specificities”. And perhaps also a little because of its revolutionary past? So far, Merkel, Schauble, and the real masters of the EU have constantly acquiesced, by the voice of their minions (at random, Pierre Moscovici, Pascal Lamy and others like Jacques Delors), and allowed some deviations of schedule, even some budget gaps, as long as these were not likely to call into question the entire edifice.

Let’s move forward a little bit …

GOPE 2019, new recommendations:

“The commission recommends that France focus, in 2019 and 2020:

  • on reducing expenditure and achieve efficiency gains in all sub-sectors of the general government, in particular by fully specifying the concrete measures needed in the context of the ‘Public Action 2022’ program and by closely monitoring the implementation of these measures.” Done – Plan “CAP 2022”.

Let’s take the time to develop an example because it speaks for itself:

  • “CAP 2022” in the health insurance branch is as objective by 2022: -3.5% of budget and 8000 job cuts (or 10% of the workforce), plus a massive move to digital in all sectors. It is also the merger and regionalisation of CPAM [basic health insurance – ed], but especially the closure of agencies and public receptions en masse, for the benefit of the only Améli account and multi-service kiosks, on the same model that la Poste became Banque Postale.

For info: the “2022 Public Action Committee” was created under the authority of Edouard Philippe in 2017. This Committee, composed solely of economists, business leaders, and senior officials, began to draw up a road map for “modernisation and modern management, in real break with the traditional management of Public Services”. Oh, beautiful Macronist words. What he had just forgotten to mention in his nice statement full of beautiful new words, and what the union Solidaires Public Finances has inappropriately leaked on its website, is that the main objective of this committee was “the drastic reduction of public spending and Public Services budgets”. Figures in support are in the part of the document that was to remain hidden from the public eye. It’s beautiful, democracy.

Thus Public Hospital (the closure of more than ten local maternity in two years, not to mention Emergencies .. which led to tragedies that could, and should, have been avoided, and who were covered up with the adequate crocodile tears by the former lobbyist of the pharmaceutical labs turned Minister of Health Agnès Buzyn) was sacrificed on the sacrosanct altar of budget austerity, and also National Education (400 closures of rural schools in the summer of 2019 , contrary to the promises of the chief liar installed at the Elysee) or the URSSAF, CAF, CPAM who have seen their numbers melt like snow in the sun, and have been merged and regrouped in large cities, pushing away even more of the many users of their services, users having no choice but to do everything online, and too bad for those who cannot … in this regard, according to the latest INSEE study on the issue, about 13 million French people are not comfortable, if not utterly lost, with digital technology. This dantesque figure represents the forgotten of the republic, which is forced to step towards a digitisation and digitalisation of its Public Services, seen as a great source of savings by École Nationale d’Administration graduates totally disconnected from the reality of many French: the elderly, not having the means to buy a computer or a smartphone, not understanding anything on the computer, residing in white or gray areas (without broadband), illiterate, in chronic difficulty … 12 million people.

That is practically a fifth of the population of this country (!) that has been knowingly abandoned by the governments of “right and left-right” successive, disconnected politicians and careerists having only one concern in mind: to be served, rather than to serve.

The Yellow Vests, past and future, originates from what was just mentioned …

Let’s return to the thread of our 2019-2020 BEPGs:

  • “also, to reform the pension system to gradually standardise the rules of the various schemes (…)” Done – plan presented in 2019. In the process of “negotiation”.

This plan is of course not in any way favorable to employees and future retirees. The shift from a fairly equitable but largely perfectible pay-as-you-go system to a points system, the value of which is subject to the annual goodwill of the government, is clearly an abuse of authority. Moreover, the accentuation of the discount system will give pensioners no choice but to become poor, or to continue working until a much older age than the famous “legal age”. The goal is of course, ultimately, to massively get rid of those who could claim a well-deserved retirement. To force them to work as long as possible. In fact, life expectancy from 67 years old in good health, according to the INSEE, has been drastically reduced. That is why a system that encourages people to work up to this age (as in Germany, and soon in France, if this law is passed) is in fact an unfair system, dispossessing a large majority of the right to a long-term pension, after a lifetime of hard work. And the argument of parroting that the coffers are empty is null and void: if only by institutionalised and unpunished tax evasion, evaluated between 80 and 120 billion euros according to economists. Despite his rhetoric, Macronists did nothing to fix it and recover the money that would be much better invested in pensions, or the Public Hospital, than in the pockets of a Bernard Arnault, who suffocates on money and does not know what to do with it. On the contrary: the extension of the Bercy Lock in 2018 – a measurement to rule out any criminal prosecution in case of tax evasion of a large fortune, especially as a business, as is normally provided by law – proves it. This government only lends to the rich …

  • “on promoting the integration of all jobseekers into the labour market (…)” Done – and, as usual, it will only hit the weakest, the five million unemployed accused of not wanting to work, in a country where only 300,000 job offers are available. Translation: they make things like they are in the UK or Germany, and too bad if we have legions of poor and precarious workers, as long as the statistics are good! The last link being particularly tasty, coming from a quasi-Bolshevik newspaper, named “Economic Alternatives”, which admits frankly that these reforms have only aggravated the situation. The worst part is that they know it, and do it knowingly!
  • “on continuing the simplification of the tax system, in particular (…) by continuing to eliminate inefficient taxes and reducing taxes on production (…) and to fully implement measures to stimulate business growth”. Done – implementation of the Withholding Tax and the removal of the ISF. Maintenance of the flat tax, exit tax, Bercy lock extended in 2019 …
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Conclusions? These developments call for two:

  • How can a government so conscientiously implementing such policies, the origin of which is to be sought on the side of Brussels and Berlin, still boast about being sovereign?
  • How could such policies win the approval of the majority of the French, when these policies are precisely, unilaterally, and constantly against the same majority, and never against the ultra-minority favoured by these policies?

Which brings us logically to the next point…

Police violence

As we are aware of, the figures are known. But let us, once again, recall them here – and put them into perspective. As we will see, violence is, in fact, more than the only foundation of Macronism – its only possible policy, its only sovereignty. In other words, Macronism is nothing more than an empty shell, condemned to apply unilaterally decided measures beyond its control, but with a rather high power of nuisance, because it has no other power than the power of “Legitimate violence”. It can do only one thing, and it has shown that it does it well: beating people up, more and more visibly and completely disproportionately. Exiting the framework of what is tolerable.

The UN was not mistaken, as were the NGOs Amnesty International and ACAT, which officially asked France to calm down, somewhere between two identical recommendations on Venezuela or the Central African Republic!

Indeed with the Yellow Vests movement, we reached a record that Pinochet would be proud of: no less than 11,000 arrests in 7 months, mostly arbitrary (on the mere assertion of the Anti-crime Brigade or “law enforcement” in the majority of cases, without any other physical evidence), and more than 2000 convictions of persons without any criminal record, previously unknown to the courts, immediately summoned for trial with a warrant for detention at the end of an expeditious hearing. The “Syndicat des Avocats de France” describes the procedure of immediate trial as “a denial of justice”, not giving defendants the opportunity to defend themselves, placing them in front of an impossible alternative: to refuse to prepare a defence, and then agree to spend several months in preventive detention, without any guarantees. Either accept this, and not be able to defend themselves effectively, with a lawyer most often assigned, a few hours or minutes before the trial, without any knowledge or preparation of the dossier! Add to this that this “choice” must be made after 24 hours of detention in squalid conditions (unhealthy cells, crammed into a cell 15 x 20m2 in size, lights on, no possibility of sleeping or going to the toilet …), from which the person comes out strongly tested, disoriented and terrorised … The choice is quickly made!

Benalla, Cahuzac, Gueant & Co must laugh at it, wherever they are. I.e., they are still not in prison, unlike the thousands of innocent Yellow Vests at the time of writing. It is not certain that they will feel better when they come out … They are genuine political prisoners, imprisoned without any real possibility of defending themselves against the police and a free-wheeling justice, and in an omnipotent mode.

But there is worse: more than 4000 wounded, including 300 serious (head injuries, fractures, disfigurements, comas …), including 26 destroyed eyes thanks to the notorious “LBD” (of the bourgeoisie), classified as a weapon of war in category A2 by the international instances (CIP). So much so that its manufacturer, the Swiss armorer Brüger & Thomet, had to ask for a derogation to be able to sign a contract with the French State. For the anecdote, here is what the inventor of Flashball, Jean Verney-Carron, said about the LBD40 that has since replaced it: “the ball has a caliber of 40mm … It’s much more dangerous than the FlashBall. It’s a caliber of war”. Note that this weapon is used in Europe only by a single government: that of the “country of Human Rights” and its smiling contemptuous of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron.

Ditto for grenade launchers and their ammunition, as well as the notorious GLI-F4, OF F1, and other dispersal grenades used in an offensive way and completely out of control over the last months. More than 19,000 shots of LBD to date, more than 6,000 grenade launches – more than the last four years in 6 months! These are classified as A2, making them “intermediate warfare weapons” by the department. So when the manufacturer answers a question asked by the UN Security Council (!) about this anomaly, which wants weapons classified as war material to be used against protesters, responds in this way – “We sold 6000 of these launchers for the police and the French gendarmerie for the purpose of the democratic management of crowds (sic) in agreement with the Ministry of the Interior and Defence, classifying the launcher as a product with reduced lethality (re-sic ). We could only export them in agreement with the said ministry” – we can only note one thing: the Macronian government knowingly acquired weapons of war, which it intended to use against the people (I cannot bring myself to say “its” people), with the aim of democratically managing the dissent that would not fail to fan its pro-rich, anti-social, and completely unfair policies towards the middle and lower-income classes.

The result? 5 hands blown off … having mostly received GLI F4 thrown in an arc, which is “formally prohibited” but perfectly tolerated and unpunished by the Ministry of Castaner for several months. But also two deaths, which have been confirmed for some time, regardless of the reports of completely discredited journalists and media owned 95% by 9 oligarchs: Zineb Redouane, whose counter-autopsy by the Algerian authorities revealed that she had received at least two shots (one in the face, and one on the chest), and that these two shots, completely unjustified vis-à-vis a 70-year-old lady who closed her shutters and did nothing, have “directly caused her death”. And Steve Caniço, a 24-year-old party-boy whose body was found 38 days after his disappearance on a wharf in Nantes, following a police charge on the evening of the music festival. A charge whose potential consequences were very well known by the one who decided it, since he was also in charge in 2017, and that a report about the “dangerousness” of such a tactic, which had led him to abandon it at the time, had reached him. But not in 2019: in 2019, they charge, they gas and let dogs loose on drunk (or not) teens, a few meters from an unprotected dock, where a deep river flows with powerful currents. The result: 14 people in the water, following a fall of more than 7 meters at 4 o’clock in the morning … and one of which their corpse will float upstream only 38 days later, the time that the water does its work …. Will we ever know the whole truth, even if many, at this time, foresee it? A first element of response, with the repugnant press conference of the Prime Minister and his Interior Ministry henchmen, completely clearing those responsible for this deadly charge. As well as, of course, and coincidentally, the report of the IGPN, which goes in the same direction.

In this country, police violence is not only legion, but the “doctrine” has completely evolved, for the worst of the worst: now, the police, CRS, and other militia of the Anti-Crime Brigade are entitled to the strictest impunity. “Professional misconduct” no longer exists for this category of population. From nearly 300 complaints to the IGPN, the “police of the police”, whose members are exclusively approved by the government, and appointed by the ministry … no investigation has resulted in any conviction of police officers so far, even in the most egregious cases (the commander of the CRS group who fired at Zineb who refused to cooperate, and received no sanction, is the most obvious illustration). Why would it be otherwise? De Belloubet, the Minister for “Justice”, who orders in writing to the Prosecutor’s Office (!), in flagrant violation of the most basic rules of separation of powers, to be “particularly severe and swift in any case involving Yellow Vests”, to Macron and Castaner, who claim that “we can not talk about police violence in a lawful state”, to a zealous prosecutor who covers for ultra-violent police officers who put a 73-year-old woman into a coma, and who after some time has a sudden attack of consciousness … this is all Macronism, which shows its true face. That of a smile, three-piece-white teeth, the facade of benevolence and social dialogue, but of the greater ferocity and injustice characterised in reality. Benalla, like Dettinger, each in their own way attest to this: in France, in 2019, depending on whether you are powerful or poor, court judgments will make you look all white or black. Since the 17th century, when Jean de la Fontaine took on the appearance of animals to allow himself to criticise the king without risking the lettre de cachet or the galleys, nothing has really changed.

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And then, between police and the power, it is always the same exchange of good practices: those who help Macronism to survive – and it is only “law enforcement”, nothing else – are rewarded in return: no prosecutions, never. And sometimes even a little Christmas bonus, on occasion. The fact that the 44th police suicide (in the National Police; the total number of suicides for all of law enforcement is 69 as of August 2nd) took place last week (eight more, as of July, than for the whole year 2018) will not receive any comment from Castaner, who prefers to jiggle in a nightclub and block the payment of their millions of owed overtime (“I do not owe them anything”), whereas without this faithful militia that has flinched but held firm, his fate would have been sealed a long time ago … Where is the problem, in the Land of Human Rights?

Last anecdote, which sends a shive down the spine: on the “Bastamag” website the recent order of material and ammunition for the Ministry of the Interior for the next four years can be read, as well as an edifying article on what it means.

We learn with dismay that the order amounts to 10,000 dispersal grenades per year (40,000 for 4 years), with a value of €1.84 million. But also, over the same market period, 25 million cartridges for assault rifles, for a value of €11 million. We are talking here about munitions not intended for the army, but the “police forces”, which have the famous assault rifles HKG36 since the 2015 attacks.

From the 9,469 rifles of this type in circulation, this totals 22 magazines per rifle every year for four years. We are talking here about a caliber of war, each bullet being potentially lethal up to two kilometers. The Canard Enchaîné revealed that a telegram from 10/01/2019 asked CRS to deploy two rifles of this type during the Yellow Vests demonstrations … on the grounds that there was “a risk of theft if they were left in the trucks”.

So, why make such an order, especially in times of scarcity, when there are supposedly no funds for Public Services, Hospitals, education and so on, according to you? The Interior Ministry, when questioned about it (like about many other things), has still not answered. Let’s dare to make an assumption: no doubt it is in anticipation of a future, less “democratic” management of “furious crowds”?

Social and symbolic violence

This brings us to another point: the incredible symbolic violence of Macronism.

As we know, in politics symbols are what allows to govern even before words are spoken. Anyone who wants to pass a policy, an action, a measure, must at least be exemplary, at the risk, at best, of not being taken seriously, or at worst, to arouse opposition and then the most wild hatred. You have to know how to handle symbols to have a chance to get your messages across.

But in this area, it must be said that Macronism has accumulated what some would call “faux-pas”, but they also had the presumptuousness to assume it completely. Not seeing where that would be a problem. In fact, Macronism is a disconnection: a disconnection from the reality of the majority of French people, a disconnection from the end of the month that happens on the 10th, a disconnection from the social, economic, and cultural misery in which a very large part of the French people were plunged into.

Almost all of the current government has skeletons in the closet. And almost all of them allow themselves to teach the French permanently. Without seeing any problem, and bawling
each one more so than the other that “democracy is in danger” when we dare to put our noses in their contradictions.

From Marlene Schiappa, who writes an infantilising book, full of advice for future mothers, where we learn how to defraud maternity leave social security, and who then allows herself to give the feminist lesson constantly to everyone, to Muriel Pénicaud, a former HR Director of Danone, who made redundancies on the stock market, which earned her more than €1.13 million in stock options, and appointed the Minister of Labor and Employment in the process, to François de Rugy, a big seafood and shellfish allergic, having built his career career on a fantasised image of transparency, probity, and honesty in the Public Service … to the point of lecturing Members of Parliament on their expenses, whilst he was in the speaker’s chair … scrutinising their expenses … Macronism is a shipwreck.

Not only is it a moral shipwreck, an example of “do what I say but especially not what I do”, but beyond and above all, a symbolic abyss, which one wonders if it is really authentically stupid, inexperienced, imbued with itself, if not all of this simultaneously? Unless it does this on purpose?

Oh yes, we already had our share, with a Hollande being elected thanks to “my enemy is finance” before slithering to the City to apologise, or a Cahuzac saying “honest to God” that never in his life did he have a bank account in Switzerland, or even with a Sarkozy “returning the favour” by bombing and killing his benefactor in Libya, after having kindly invited him to plant his tents on the Champs-Elysees … But it must be recognised that after only two years of exercising power (two years, two years!), the social violence of his policies finds a particularly symbolic echo in the behaviour of each of the components of Macronism: violence of the state, judicial, media apparatus … all in the service of mapped out politics.

Social violence? There is no need to repeat all the measures to keep the head of the most precarious under the water, to hit them fast and hard, without giving them time to react. Decreasing benefits, the disappearance of Public Services, unfair taxes, etc. We have already talked about that. But what is embarrassing, fundamentally, is the famous at the same time who, with a fantastic aplomb, asserts and assumes that it is never enough. A bottomless abyss, a limitless voracity.

Decrease the housing benefit of the most precarious by €5? That’s good, but it’s even better if at the same time we remove the wealthier ISF. Protect Benalla? That’s good, but it’s even better if at the same time Dettinger is immediately strongly condemned. Hurt, maim, and imprison thousands of protestors? That’s good, but it’s even better if at the same time we decorate their executioners. And if, at the same time, we scream on all the rooftops that damaging a few offices of elected felons who voted for CETA without hesitation is “threatening democracy”, and that “it is reminiscent of the darkest hours of our history”, then honour is safe. A pantomime.

At the same time, it finds here its strategic justification: the simultaneity of the attack, and the bewildering aplomb of what happens behind is intended to stagger the opposition, to short-circuit it, to prevent it from gathering its forces by simultaneously opening several fronts. We are supposed to go into a defensive and reptilian mode, frozen like a rabbit caught in the headlights.

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It can work, for some time.

For some time only, because, according to the admission of the little prodigy that finance gave to France, “the causes of anger are not behind us”. To think that people have returned to the ranks is a deep misunderstanding of the soul of this country. That they are ready to suffer without a fight, to die without fighting. France is not a favela, its revolutionary spirit is still intact … the only country to have beheaded its king, to have experienced five revolutions and/or major episodes that have shaken the most powerful and arrogant who thought that everything was allowed for them, and this been France in all times. 1789, 1848, 1871, 1936, 1968: it was far, far too long ago that the end of history promised by the triumph of neo-liberalism, following the fall of the Berlin Wall in 89, knew no counterpoint. To dare to believe the opposite, to put it on all the radios, to loop it on all the television channels, it is to crash miserably. Pseudo-intellectuals, repeating the same catechism on every possible channel, cannot change reality. The facts are stubborn. The French were not depoliticised, they were just dormant. And the alarm rang.

The media, journalists, and other henchmen of “La République En Miettes” (“The Republic In Crumbs”) have just learned the hard way. Let’s bet that it will not be the only thrashing that they will know over the next few months.

It is indeed this symbolic, moral, and ultimately intellectual decrepitude that we have just spoken about. That of everything this country calls “elites”.

Which brings us to the last part.

Intellectual violence

End of the ball. The masks fall.

We had been sold a prodigy, a disrupter, a superman who slept only a little, perpetually in action, and whose complex thinking was not made for the ordinary people we are. A president of a startup nation named France.

This same one has continued to assail us with total violence: political, economic, symbolic, moral.

He has also, and above all, demonstrated an incredible imbecility: to believe that he could spit his contempt for a long time at the faces of all those who do not think like him, who do not live like him, who do not breathe like him, who do not love like him, who do not dress like him, who are not like him. And get away with it.

With each new blunder (in the end there was more than one), he relapsed, like a Sarkozy who swore on his heart that “that’s it, I understood, I thought about it, today I’ve changed”.

Those who have everything and those who are nothing, the kwassa-kwassa that brings mostly Comorian, the illiterates, the idlers, the cynics, the alcoholics, the troublemakers, those who cannot afford a suit and who have to go to work, those who do not work and who have only to go down the street [Macron once told an unemployed person to just go into the street and find a job – ed], the freak Yellow Vests and others plunged into a coma because they lack wisdom have only to behave well. He “will not cede anything” [A quote from Macron – ed]. Besides, if people are still angry, it’s because he don’t go fast enough, far enough, strong enough: he understands it, there is a need to accelerate, people are impatient. He promises, he will give them more!

In fact, the question is simple: how could such an impostor end up as the president?

No doubt, and first of all, thanks to the extreme media-political collusion of Macronism. As was mentioned above, Macron was first elected thanks to the unwavering support of a handful of oligarchs who own 95% of the country’s major TV, radio, and newspaper media. And the fact is that the journalists are no longer commanded: they are all raised in the same mould, they think, under an artificial left/right division, the same things, they are attached to the same privileges and in the end constitute one of the two pillars, along with the police, that allows the wobbly Macronian edifice to continue to hold on. An inventory point à la Prévert here, it’s sufficient enough to read or re-read the various “papers” and other publications dripping with guard-doggedness and to listen to the carefully orchestrated invectives of various editors and other economists who have had the same reserved seat for years to realise that journalists are not censored by their billionaire bosses … no, because they ARE censorship. And beware of whoever falls out of line: they know the unenviable fate of undesirables in journalism, those who are released without further trial, from Schneidermann and Lancelin to less known figures, the penalty is often expeditious and without appeal.

From a Castaner carefully churning out his fake news about an attack on the Pitié-Salpêtrière, and resumed in chorus by all the guard dogs without any verification (nor mea culpa, once the deception was unveiled), to the multiple lies concerning the alleged “leaders” of the Yellow Vests (which shows that they really, really did not understand this movement), to the invective and other calls for murder made by a gutter philosopher like Luc Ferry, demanding that the police use their weapons, in full!, parroted everywhere, but condemned nowhere, by any of them … the editocrats and others sold to Macronism won their welcome ticket to the ball of the fake-asses and sellouts, First Prize with the congratulations of the jury!

The very fact that Macron was presented to us as a prodigy, throughout the 2017 campaign, when he was a complete stranger two years earlier … and we continue to do it everywhere … while you only have to listen to him to realise that he’s just a puppet born with a silver spoon in his mouth … this very fact is enough to prove irrefutably that in the kingdom of France there is definitely something just as rotten as a body floating in the Loire for 38 days … Macron, a genius? While it’s enough to look at his curriculum to realise that he is average, even mediocre – we are talking about someone who failed twice the competition of the Ecole Normale Supérieure, and spent three years loafing around in the preparatory classes! While it is enough to watch one of his speeches with rolled up shirt sleeves, or one of his ridiculous electoral meetings, with extras in the background, to realise the fatuous emptiness of this character. Because it’s his prooooojeeect!

Without wanting to look pedantic (and at the same time, I will assume this totally), here we have a real example of intellectual violence. Violence against an entire country, and against true intellectuals, past and present, who made this country one of the forerunners of the world. I.e., those who are, and were able to think about the world differently. To describe it, to decipher it, to interpret it, to propose solutions, ways, new visions.

It is an insult to the homeland of Hugo, Zola, Montesquieu, Rousseau, Diderot, and the Enlighteners. To those who engaged themselves, even risking their lives, against injustice. It is an insult to the furiously innovative and modern precursors that were Derrida, Foucault, Sartre, Camus, Aron, Bourdieu, and so many others … Up to Paul Ricœur, whose impostor at the head of the country claims to be, and who although his philosophy is not free from reproach, he nevertheless put the question of ethics at the center of his concerns and of his work. One would want to scream, to scream at the president of the ultra-rich: and you, Macron, did you do this? DID YOU DO THIS?

Macron embodies this violence of injustice, which makes a well-born kid, with a twisted enough mind to betray his friends (see the affair with Adrien de Tricornot), and sufficiently manipulative to manage to make good relations (Xavier Niel, Mimi Marchand, as well as some hundreds of anonymous donors invited to Las Vegas thanks to the Public Funds of the Ministry of Economy), manage to disguise himself as a lamb and when the day comes, he will dupe the whole herd with the complicity of the shepherds … and will try to pretend to be what he is not.

Until the day the mask falls.

Three years is a long time.

Furiously long.

Agoravox, Elric Menescire



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