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The Man Strangled by a Cop in Nantes Gave His Version of Events

The individual whose violent arrest in Nantes had aroused indignation was found. Bruno Kaïk, 51, testifies to his hospitalisation after being found unconscious on the public road. His version of events contradicts that of the police.

We can now put a name on the face of this man, kept on the ground by an agent of the Brigade Anti-criminalité (BAC) who holds him by the neck in a snapshot taken on August 3rd, on the sidelines of a demonstration against police violence organised in Nantes, after the death of Steve Maia Caniço on the night of the music festival. Bruno Kaïk, 51, an English-speaking translator and resident of La Rochelle, has indeed delivered his testimony to the site CheckNews of Libération, which was able to find him.

Contacted by the daily newspaper, the Police Information and Communication Service (Sicop) said on August 5th that Bruno Kaïk had “thrown a glass bottle at a policeman”. An act recognised by the principal person concerned. “I threw this empty glass bottle, while I was about 30 meters from the police, in their direction. Indeed, it shattered in front of the police, a few meters from them, but it was more symbolic than anything else. There was no intention of hurting. In any case, their reaction was completely disproportionate,” he told CheckNews.

Bruno Kaïk “violently strangled until choking”?

Most importantly, he contests the story told by Sicop – that his hospitalisation after he was stopped was due to the fact that he was “inconvenienced by tear gas”. “Safe from the trucks where I was dragged after, I received other shots. I was violently strangled until smothered by a member of the BAC. Before fainting and remaining unconscious for several minutes,” replied Bruno Kaïk to Libération. According to him, the violence of the agents of the BAC that led to him being treated by the emergency services.

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After his stoppage by the police, which was filmed in a tense context, another video shows Bruno Kaïk suffocating and handcuffed at the foot of an agent.

Hospitalised at the University Hospital of Nantes for several hours, the 50-year-old transmitted to the site of the newspaper his report of his medical observation, in which it is reported that he was found “unconscious on public roads”, which led him to be “brought by firefighters urgently”. Another point of divergence, therefore, since the police forces claimed to have brought him themselves to the hospital.

The document also specifies the absence of “taking in toxic substances” that could’ve caused his loss of consciousness. Bruno Kaïk confirms: “What led to my unconsciousness is indeed the police’s mistreatment”.

A complaint could be filed

Bruno Kaïk reported to CheckNews that he wants to file a complaint against “the whole chain of command, from the officer of the BAC to the President of the Republic, who is the chief of the armies and authorised these excesses”.

If AFP, for its part, had noted, quoting Sicop, that the medical certificate produced mentioned “0 days of sick leave”, the arrested explained: “I am not an employee, so I did not ask for work stoppage”. This father of a family is defined as “fervent adept of non-technology”, assuring that he had not taken part in any Vests Yellow demonstration. “I’m becoming a figure of contestation, but that was not the goal at all,” he said to CheckNews.

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After several hours of hospitalisation, Bruno Kaïk was then detained for 24 hours and released. A preliminary inquiry is continuing.

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