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The Office of Governmental Deputy Claire O’Petit Was Graffitied for the 4th Time Since December

Several offices of deputies from the governmental majority were degraded after the vote on CETA, on July 23rd. The office of Claire O’Petit is the latest.

Four times in nine months. On Tuesday, the La République En Marche! deputy of the Eure Claire O’Petit discovered again that her office had been tagged for the fourth time since December. “It’s a shock,” lamented the elected to France Bleu Normandie.

“You suck on beef with hormones”, “CETA sister”, or “MERCO-SUR your mother” … these are the inscriptions that could be read on the office in Étrépagny. They clearly refer to CETA, the free trade agreement between Europe and Canada, that was voted on a few weeks ago.

Even through she decided to file a complaint, Claire O’Petit is not intimidated. “This is not why I will refuse TV shows, every time I will be there, I will defend the policy that we lead and I will defend what I said,” says the deputy.

This new complaint is the 7th since Claire O’Petit was elected in June 2017. Last week, she had already made this move after threats were made over the messaging service of the parliamentary attaché, where it was question of bricking-in her office.

Her other office in Vernon had been vandalised a few months earlier, last May. In December, attacks on her premises were carried out in large numbers. Before that, on October 19th, the parliamentarian had also filed a complaint after receiving “death threats” against not only her, but also “elected representatives of the parties La République En Marche!, Union of Democrats and Independents, and the Republicans”.




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