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The Paris Prefect Spent €10,000 on an Air Conditioning Installation

According to the Le Point newspaper, to install air conditioning in his office, the prefect of Paris Police did not skimp on the costs: €10,000 for air conditioning “with a remote control” to stay cool while the entire population suffers from this umpteenth peak of a heat wave. A luxury that can only be offered to senior state officials, whose comfort is obviously priceless.

But among those who work at PSA, there is another story: at PSA Mulhouse, despite it being 35°C in the workshops, the “heat wave” was equated to a bottle of water and a 10-minute heat break. Seven hours of work in the heat, with ridiculous work arrangements, with protective equipment (jackets, helmets, etc.) that obviously increase the heat felt. “There is no money”, answers the PSA.

But obviously there is money for the police prefect. And yet no one will exclaim on TV sets to say that there is more money in the state coffers and that it is necessary to save. There is only one moral: the value of the life of a worker is much less than that of the Paris police chief, who can stay cool and do everything to ensure that capitalist exploitation continues, whatever happens.

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  1. Vanessa Vanessa 29th July 2019

    Thank you so much for offering this fantastic public service. My high school French fails me, so this news has been hard to come by. This movement is so important, the courage of the people of France is so inspiring! Or it would be if there was a scintilla of reporting on the brutality of the French government. The complete lack of coverage is utterly damning to established press outlets. Many, many thanks!

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