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The Police Mistakenly Fired a LBD-40 at a Student in Yvelines

The 22-year-old law student was injured on the sidelines of a skirmish on the 13th and 14th of July in Sartrouville as he was returning home…

It is a blunder against the background of clashes between young people and police officers that Adam Chikhi still can’t digest. The 22-year-old was injured during the night of 13-14 July in Sartrouville by a LBD. Upon reflection, two days after the incident, he filed a complaint against the officer who shot him. “Above all, I am psychologically traumatised,” stresses the young man. “I made appointments with a doctor and a psychologist to try to overcome this experience. For the rest, I wait in peace to see the result of the procedure”.

“I heard: ‘Police, stop.’ I turned around and that’s when I was shot in the neck”

That night, this young student, possessing a law degree, leaves his home to play football with his friends on the field of Tilleuls. Once the game is over, the young people sit on a bench and smoke shisha. At about 1 a.m. on Saint-Exupéry road, pyrotechnics were launched at security forces and a garbage can was set on fire. The officials retaliate with grenades. “We heard shots coming from the commercial center,” he says. “I checked (greeted) my friends and I headed to my apartment.”

His friends run to him and advise him to do the same because the police arrive shooting. Adam sprints to Camille-Pissarro. “There were police everywhere,” he adds. “I decided to go around the building and go home. I heard: ‘Police, stop.’ I turned around and that’s when I was shot in the neck. I saw a black hole. I woke up. I was sore all over and I asked the fire department if I had all my teeth.”

According to corroborating sources, the shot hit him in the back of the neck. Adam fell forward, head first, and broke his nose while falling. The officials immediately placed him in a flat safety position and he regained consciousness before being taken to Argenteuil hospital (Val-d’oise). The young student was briefly detained before being released.

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Another young man was targeted

Adam suffers from a facial trauma, the bones of his nose are broken and his lips have been cut. The medical-legal emergency granted him four days of total incapacity for work. The young man’s lawyer Gregory Bensadoun believes that “it is the disproportionate and unjustified use of force that has resulted in serious injuries. And don’t let anyone tell us it was an accident. I remind that my client is a law student in all respects.”

The departmental Directorate of Public Security has opened an investigation at the request of the state prosecutor’s Office of Versailles. The initial investigations put forward a shooting error by the official who allegedly targeted another young man who had thrown projectiles at his colleagues. “The Ethics Unit is responsible for conducting further investigations and will shed light on this case,” said a source close to the Yvelines Police Department.

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