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Toulon: The Testimony of a Yellow Vest at the Center of a Controversial Arrest on January 5

It was Act 8 of Yellow Vests.

On January 5th, Fabien Attard, his father, and his two brothers Laurent and Frédéric are in a procession that goes down the streets of Toulon.

2000 people are demonstrating. The tension is strong.

Gimelli Road, three men are the subject of a forceful arrest. Among them, Fabien and Laurent Attard. The two brothers will be charged with contempt, rebellion, and willful violence against anyone with public authority and placed under judicial arrest.

But the two brothers dispute the official story. From the beginning, they deny having been in the possession with bottle shards, and thus to have shown threatening behaviour.

More than six months after the events, Laurent Attard returns to the scene. He recounts his arrest, the violence – on the part of the commander Didier Andrieux, who led the operation – of which he feels he was the victim of, along with his brother.

“My brother Laurent was there. He arrived, he did not try to understand, he was thrown against a car. I was thrown along with him. And there, it was a wave of blows.”

Laurent Attard questions the procedure carried out by the police during his detention in police custody:

“When you read the minutes and there is nothing that corresponds to what happened, believe me, that’s hard.”

His testimony collected by Paul Géli and Gaëlle Cara:

On July 24th, the Toulon state prosecutor’s office finally opened a judicial inquiry against an unnamed person for voluntary violence by a person in charge of the public authority, in view of the findings of the internal investigation conducted by the General Inspectorate of the National Police.

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In this context, the police commander involved could be charged.

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