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Twitter Users Mock the IGPN Report on Steve Caniço’s Death

On Twitter, netsurfers mocked the conclusion of the IGPN report, which asserts that there is no connection between the police’s intervention and Steve’s disappearance on June 21st.

The IGPN investigation report on the death of Steve Maia Caniço in Nantes does not establish a “link between the police’s intervention and the disappearance of the young man,” said Edouard Philippe, Tuesday, July 30th, during a press conference in Matignon.

The announcement had the effect of a bomb on social networks. Many Internet users were initially indignant at the conclusion of the report. But the outrage quickly turned into derision. Here is an anthology of tweets parodying the finding of the police of the police force:

“This officer is training for the shot put event for a future participation in the Paris Olympics.”

“Nothing permits at this time to incriminate the hunter. Bambi’s mother reportedly ‘succumbed to cardiac malaise'”

“This policeman offers a free sample of the new fragrance from Sephora”

“This is a pipe”
[Caption: “This is not a pipe”]

“This girl has caught a little conjunctivitis”

“No link could be established between Voldemort and the death of Lily & James Potter”

“The world championship of one, two, three, sun [a French children’s game – ed] was held in a friendly and warm atmosphere”

“This picture shows nice CRS equipped with sprays to refresh these young people in the middle of a heat wave”

“After a tiring day, these valorous policemen are playing leapfrog to relax”

“This man was stuck in his slim jeans”




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