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“We Are Getting Used to the Intolerable”

The body of Steve Maia Caniço was rescued last night (July 29th) in the Loire; 38 days after his death following a police charge, on the night of the music festival in Nantes … And this morning, the Breton deputies are crying on a tribune on the France info TV station.

“We are getting used to the intolerable.”

Yes. Indeed. This is indisputable …

We are getting used to the fact that law enforcement is “charging” kids on a piece of land identified as dangerous on a music festival night; to the fact that “legal violence” is indiscriminately hitting targets that pose no immediate danger other than decibels, with insults, intimidation, tear gas, LBD, and various grenades.

We are getting used to file-making at hospitals [the police call hospitals and ask for the personal information of injured Yellow Vests – ed], €135 fines for prohibited demonstrations, protesters being pinned to the floor, firing LBD in stadiums, our kids on their knees with their hands on their heads, seeing a former minister call for the use of live ammunition as a part of law enforcement operations.

We are getting used to 5 hands being ripped off, 24 eyes being shot out, and hundreds of wounded in a few months. We are also accustomed to the fact that there are more than 50 dead in ten years and that we must fight and beg for justice for Steve, Zineb, Lamine, Angelo, Adama, Rémi, Zied, Bouna and all the others …

Banner in tribute to Zineb Redouane, a woman in her 80’s who died during hospitalisation after a tear gas grenade was fired at her face while she was at home. Paris, March 16, 2019 © E.B

Naively, I have long believed that despite unfavourable social dynamics, justice was for everyone … That legitimacy was on the side of the law for lack of being on the side of the police.

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With all these stories and in order to start dragging my pen around the courts, I realised the opposite. The legitimacy granted by the state is to the police and the good little soldiers of the judiciary. Not to the law. And this idea is intolerable to me.

“They want the worst”, whispers a deputy from “La République En Marche!”

But what is worse than the death of a 24-year-old “kid”, a children’s animator, who can not swim and is allowed to rot in the brown water for a month a few meters from where he fell? What could be worse than telling yourself that he could be your son, your cousin, your friend, or your neighbour…

Probably the fact of saying that nothing will change.

Because this morning we continue to open the newspapers on these “intolerable” walls of straw or bricks in front of the offices of deputies.

I have a bouquet…

Mediapart, Eloïse Bajou



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