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Yellow Vests: Memorial for Victims

Interview with the organiser of an action held on July 21st 2019 concerning the creation of a memorial in Gujan-Mestras for Yellow Vests who became victims of physical, financial, or legal violence.

Pressenza: What is the purpose of the action of Yellow Vests on this day in Gujan-Mestras?

Célia, Yellow Vest: “Today, a memorial was installed and inaugurated on the Gujan-Mestras roundabout in honour of all the victims of the repression.

So all the physical victims, all the wounded, the mutilated that there may be, the financial victims too, because there are a lot of fines, and all the judicial victims. There has been a lot of convictions, a lot of incarcerations, and there are still people waiting for trial.

So the repression is strong.

We wanted to pay tribute, a little bit, to all those people who fight for the freedoms of all, the rights of everyone.

We continue, we do not let go.

We have managed to federate quite a few groups in the sector, so this is an important moment for all of us.

In the Southwest, among the upcoming Yellow Vests events, and federation events, there is in August:

  • The Counter Summit (G7), which will be at the same time as the G7 summit in Hendaye;
  • There is the tour of all the sub-prefectures of La Gironde, on different Saturdays the demonstrations will be in Bordeaux and in the cities of the sub-prefectures:
    • Langon, yesterday (20/07/19)
    • Blaye
    • Lesparre
    • Arcachon
    • Libourne.

to try to meet everyone a little, with each time the organisation of a citizen village, a yellow village, so that people can come back to our meeting and exchange a little bit on different topics.

An important meeting also: the Referendum for Paris airports.

You find people everywhere in markets that have stands, to help you sign, to inform you, to try to raise awareness. We must not miss the turning point.

It is important.”




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